15/01/2021 - 29/01/2021

Welcome to our first virtual exhibition,
by artists Patricia Mascarell and Rosie Hook.

Patricia Mascarell

Is intimacy voluntary? Can intimacy be designed?
My work is an approach to my own ideas of the unknown while describing a pattern; a way of hacking a system.
Some time ago I decided I wanted to measure my levels of intimacy and use that outcome as a pattern for a textile that I could feel. At that time I was in a long distance relationship and I had the need of transforming it into something physical.
By playing with the line between rationality and irrationality I attempted to make visible and touchable things that are not.
These days, when it seems that most of us have long distance relationships with everybody but the people we live with, it was important for me to revisit this project through the digital.


Rosie Hook

My practice is concerned with the state of constant flux and impermanence, which is visualised through mutating organic forms.
Originating from plastic sculptural works, these have been superimposed into a digital dimension. Ultimately, the forms act not as individual elements, but as a condition, a tension between material and the immaterial.
Moving from a three-dimensional model into a digital space acts as a reordering of energy to create new visual information.
You are invited to explore and move about the space to engage with the changing environment.

Audio by Nela Pietrová - Sounding Matters - The System Erupts


The event starts on the 14th January at 19.00 pm GMT.